Where is lwt_unix_not_available defined in the Lwt package

I am experimenting with the source code of the Lwt package. Right now I am stuck because of the C function called lwt_unix_not_available and declared in lwt_unix.h :

The relevant excerpt from lwt_unix.h is

/* Raise [Lwt_unix.Not_available]. */
void lwt_unix_not_available(char const *feature) Noreturn;

So, that function never returns anything to its caller (that makes sense because it raises an exception).
The error message I get in the OCaml toplevel seems to indicate that I failed to load/include a c implementation file where lwt_unix_not_available is defined. But a grep search for lwt_unix_not_available source directory failed to locate any such file.

It’s here.

You may have misread the grep output, or there is some problem with your source tree. grep found it on my machine.

It’s there indeed. My source tree was from my old opam switch and out of date. Thanks for taking the time to answer my stupid question. I also have another newbie question here if you have the patience