What the Jane Street interns have wrought

I thought folks here might find this interesting:

The post summarizes three of the intern projects that happened this summer at Jane Street. It might be interesting if you’re looking for an internship (or know someone who is), or if you’re interested in any of the underlying tech. For example, if there’s significant interest in a library for writing OCaml, we’d be more likely to open-source it.



I think there would be interest in a general-purpose library for writing Wireshark plug-ins!
Reading the post, I’m having flashbacks to writing Netmon 3 plug-ins back in 2010 :laughing:

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Absolutely agree; that monadic, staged parsing interface does look interesting for Cstruct as well. As another reference point, @dinosaure has recently added a “middle-step” for Cstruct parsing based on @dbuenzli’s Astring interface, which is a direct-style parse here: https://github.com/mirage/ocaml-cstruct/pull/277.

Are there any plans to open source the Wireshark library? Writing a dissector would give me a good excuse to dive into OCaml!