Announcing our new Outreachy interns

Hi all,

We’re super excited to have another three Outreachy interns in the OCaml community starting next Monday. The respective projects they’ll work on are:

  • @JiaeK will work on an opam package monitoring dashboard for, by integrating the opam health check service.
  • @SaySayo will work on Ocaml platform, the official OCaml VScode plugin; concretely, on supporting .eml-files (used in Dream applications).
  • @ayc9 will work on a bundle of standard derivers for Ppxlib.Deriving à la ppx_deriving.std

What’s also super nice is that with @shonfeder and @pkel, we have two non-Tarides/OCLC folks among us on the mentoring side. They followed our call for support. @shonfeder is co-mentoring one of the projects and @pkel acts as an “Outreachy volunteer”, i.e. a mentor who’s there for non-project specific questions.

We’ll keep you posted about the internships,
@gs0510, @jonludlam, @Juloo, @pitag, @pkel, @shonfeder, @tmattio

P.S.: We also submitted a fourth project on developing an odoc tool that would help highlighting the differences between versions of a package, which unfortunately didn’t receive any viable application. That’s ok though! It’s always better to offer too much than too little and we might be able to re-submit something similar some other round.


Hi everyone. Glad to be a part of the community!


Thanks @pitag, very excited to work with you all!


Thank you @pitag for the intro!
I already appreciate the in-depth discussions on this forum, it really helps with learning :camel: