What is the most up-to-date Caml VM specification document?


Hello everyone,

I would like to develop a tool that processes the OCaml bytecode.
In order to do that I would need a reliable specification document for the VM.
So far I have found this: http://cadmium.x9c.fr/distrib/caml-formats.pdf
However, this document dates back to 2010.
Is this the most up-to-date document ?
From my bytecode analysis I noticed two sections that are not defined in the above document.
These are: SYMB and CRCS.

Any feedback on that would be highly appreciated :).

Thanks in advance !


Site doesn’t work for me.

Honestly, it might be easier to work off of interp.c.


Thanks very much. That definitely helps.

In the meantime. If the link does not work one can google: "OCaml bytecode specification"
The first two documents that come up are the ones I am referring to.
There is also this page: https://github.com/qdwang/cs-notes/issues/19
Which looks helpful as well.