What is the most up-to-date Caml VM specification document?

Hello everyone,

I would like to develop a tool that processes the OCaml bytecode.
In order to do that I would need a reliable specification document for the VM.
So far I have found this: http://cadmium.x9c.fr/distrib/caml-formats.pdf
However, this document dates back to 2010.
Is this the most up-to-date document ?
From my bytecode analysis I noticed two sections that are not defined in the above document.
These are: SYMB and CRCS.

Any feedback on that would be highly appreciated :).

Thanks in advance !

Site doesn’t work for me.

Honestly, it might be easier to work off of interp.c.

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Thanks very much. That definitely helps.

In the meantime. If the link does not work one can google: "OCaml bytecode specification"
The first two documents that come up are the ones I am referring to.
There is also this page: https://github.com/qdwang/cs-notes/issues/19
Which looks helpful as well.