Wanted: new maintainer for cppo

Cppo is a C-style preprocessor for OCaml. I started the project in 2009, when I was working on yojson and didn’t want to be tied to camlp4 for simple things like #include and conditional compilation. Since then, other projects have used it, typically as a last resort to manage version incompatibilities. Today, 57 packages in opam depend directly on cppo.

The project was recently handed off to ocaml-community in an effort to benefit from a wider community. I no longer wish to be in charge of supervising the project because it’s too much for me, when combined with other projects. Ideally, we’re looking for a person maintaining cppo with the support of their employer. The project is very stable. There are no new features in sight and very few bug reports. Maintenance would consist in roughly one day a month, generally spent answering incoming questions and working with users to solve their problems or review patches.

Let us know if you’re interested!



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Given the relatively light load, if you can’t find a new single individual to maintain it, several of us could probably take responsibility for integrating pull requests and making sure that it continues to build with new OCaml releases, which is the main responsibility.


I think that it would make sense to have someone from the Dune team looking at it, because version-conditional logic and configuration logic interact with the build system.