VSCode Navigation issues

  • Dune project builds and works well
  • VSCode Navigation works for files defined in the project

However, if I navigate to a library installed through opam e.g., ~/.opam/switch-name/lib/base/queue.ml, I run into Unbound module errors

I have tried opam-monorepo. It doesn’t work well with utop e.g., When I run dune utop, I get an error:

Error: Files duniverse/csexp/src/csexp.cma(Csexp)
       and duniverse/dune_/vendor/csexp/src/csexp.cma(Csexp)
       both define a module named Csexp

Additionally, opam-monorepo is unmaintained.


  • Is there a sane way to navigate transitive dependencies in VSCode without running into Unbound module errors?
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