Utop vs OCaml interpreter module loads

I am pretty new to OCaml. I am working through John Harrison’s “Practical Logic and Automated Reasoning” book, which provides source code in OCaml that you can download and use to assist you with reading the book. I find that his << & >> quotation mark parser works in the ‘ocaml’ interpreter but fails in the ‘utop’ interpreter, even though the source that he provides to initialise his functions seems to load error-free in both, via use “init.ml”;; & “intro.ml”. I feel that ‘utop’ fails because some module is missing that is provided under ‘ocaml’.

My question is, how can I display all loaded modules within the interpreter so that I can compare ‘utop’/‘ocaml’ side by side, to see what missing library is preventing proper parsing in ‘utop’.

Thank you for your help.

It’s hard to guess if you don’t link to the .ml files you’re talking about…
I believe it is the ones linked from this page?: https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~jrh13/atp/ (init.ml, intro.ml).

The issue might be that init.ml is trying to load camlp5 in a way that doesn’t please utop. Maybe try using this init.ml instead (after you make sure that you have installed camlp5):

#load "nums.cma";;                                     (* For Ocaml 3.06     *)
#require "camlp5";;

type dummy_interactive = START_INTERACTIVE | END_INTERACTIVE;;
#use "initialization.ml";;
#use "Quotexpander.ml";;
#use "atp_interactive.ml";;
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