A possible workaround for supporting camlp5 on UTop

Hello all,

I have a question about a possible workaround for using camlp5 on UTop.

As an example, in HOL Light, a special quotation x means an expression called ‘term’ type, and its camlp5 preprocesses it as parse_term "x". However, this preprocessing does not happen if I use UTop:

─( 11:13:52 )─< command 0 >───────────{ counter: 0 }─
utop # `1 + 2 = 3`;;
Error: Syntax error

Interestingly, if I store `1 + 2 = 3`;; as a temporary file, say tmp.ml, and load it using the #use command, this works great.

─( 13:09:39 )─< command 1 >────────────{ counter: 0 }─
utop # #use "tmp.ml";;
- : term = `1 + 2 = 3`

Can UTop provide a flag that does this workaround, as a possible partial solution for supporting camlp5? I left an issue at A possible workaround for supporting camlp5 on UTop · Issue #485 · ocaml-community/utop · GitHub too.

Camlp5 has a pretty straightforward hook into the OCaml toplevel. A long time ago, I made changes to ocaml-mdx to make Camlp5 work there. It was long enough ago that I forget whether the maintainers had figured it out independently but in any case it was a single-line change ( mdx/lib/top/mdx_top.ml at e2b6532d0bb34789aaff39429b1f8be3ae931333 · realworldocaml/mdx · GitHub ).

In any case, I suspect it should be straightforward to modify utop to interact correctly with camlp5. I don’t use utop, but if you can look around in the sources and see if something looks like what I linked-to above, I can help you figure it out.

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Hi @Chet_Murthy, thanks for the pointer!

It appears UTop is calling UTop.parse_toplevel_phrase:

I thought that if this invocation can be replaced with a wrapper of Toploop.parse_toplevel_phrase then this would naturally support camlp5.

I looked deeper and the UTop.parse_toplevel_phrase is defined using parse_default and Parse.toplevel_phrase:

But parse_default is a somewhat long function, so it seems writing the wrapper is a non-trivial job. Hmm…

This one-line patch worked, actually:

diff --git a/src/lib/uTop.ml b/src/lib/uTop.ml
index 801fd29..ecb686e 100644
--- a/src/lib/uTop.ml
+++ b/src/lib/uTop.ml
@@ -305,7 +305,7 @@ let parse_default parse str eos_is_error =
     | exn ->
         Error ([], "Unknown parsing error (please report it to the utop project): " ^ Printexc.to_string exn)

-let parse_toplevel_phrase_default = parse_default Parse.toplevel_phrase
+let parse_toplevel_phrase_default = fun str -> parse_default !Toploop.parse_toplevel_phrase str
 let parse_toplevel_phrase = ref parse_toplevel_phrase_default

 let parse_use_file_default = parse_default Parse.use_file

I should test this more and create a pull request if it works ok.

Yep, that’s what I figured would work (or something like it). BTW, it’s worth checking if #use works – the code path for that was different, IIRC (but I might be misremembering).

It seems #use still works - HOL Light could be loaded using it.

I opened a pull request here: Support camlp5 by using Toploop.parse_toplevel_phrase instead of Parse.toplevel_phrase by aqjune · Pull Request #486 · ocaml-community/utop · GitHub