Using ocamloptp (for profiling) with Dune?

What is the recommended way to use the native code profiler in a Dune project? There is an open issue but the proposed workaround is not clear. The problem is that rather than ocamlopt a different compiler must be invoked.

I believe a potential easy way is to define a profile in a top-level dune file that adds the -p flag to the invocation of ocamlopt which is equivalent with calling ocamloptp.

  (ocamlopt_flags (:standard -p -w -27-32-52-33-34-37-39))
  (flags (:standard -w -27-32-52-33-34-37-39)))
  (flags (:standard -w -27-32-52-33-34-37-39)))
  (flags (:standard -w -27-32-52-33-34-37-39))))

There seems to be a problem with using -p on macOS – reported here – which I also ran into.