Tutorial on Mutability, Loops, and Imperative Programming

Dear OCamlers,

The OCaml.org is happy to announce the release of the Mutability, Loops, and Imperative Programming tutorial which was discussed here a couple of weeks ago. We’ve included feedback from that thread.

The target audience is developers learning OCaml. No functional programming knowledge is assumed. However, it comes after the updated “Get Started” series:

  1. Installing OCaml
  2. A Tour of OCaml
  3. Your First OCaml Program

And it comes at the end of the “Introduction” series (currently being updated too):

  1. Values and Functions
  2. Basic Datatypes and Pattern Matching
  3. If Statements and Recursions
  4. Lists
  5. Labelled & Optional Arguments
  6. Mutability, Loops, and Imperative Programming

The initial PR is now closed, but this is open source. We’re happy to receive feedback here or in GitHub, as issues or PR. You can also use the “Contribute” link at the bottom of the staging page.

Thanks to @zbaylin, @silene and @K_N for their feedback on the draft.

Hope it helps