Trouble upgrading dune to 3.6.0

My current main switch has OCaml 4.14.0 for its base compiler, and its dune
version is 3.5.0. I would like to upgrade it to dune 3.6.0.
I tried the following :

$ dune --version
$ opam upgrade dune
Already up-to-date.
Nothing to do.

Did I do something wrong, or does dune 3.6.0 require a newer version of OCaml ?

I’m not an OPAM expert, but shouldn’t you do opam update in order to synchronize OPAM’s database with the latest upstream changes?


I did. I forgot to mention that in my first post, but I did.

It looks like the opam package registry hasn’t been updated since November 17, so any package update merged to the repository since then isn’t available on the registry yet.

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Apologies - has updated and with another opam update you should be good to go for Dune 3.6!