SWIG, OCaml 5.x, camlp4

I’m finishing up with upgrading swig to deal with OCaml 5.x. It was straightforward, and that isn’t the subject of this post. Rather, I learned that swig uses camlp4. And at the moment, camlp4 is not available on OCaml 5.1.

So this post is asking the question: is camlp4 going to continue to be maintained for uses like swig? If not, I can easily port swig to camlp5, but … well, as I’ve tried to always do, I’m not trying to push camlp5 into places where there are already adequate solutions.

Hence my question. If (and only if) the plan is that camlp4 will not continue to be maintained, then I should move swig over to camlp5.

ETA: talked to maintainer; they plan to continue camlp4 maintenance. All’s well.

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