[ANN] Camlp5 version 7.11 release (4.10 compatibility)

Dear OCaml and Camlp5 users,

New release 7.11 of Camlp5. Compatible with all OCaml versions >= 4.00.0, latest OCaml version 4.10+beta2 included.

Main improvement: compatible with 4.10’s blank module names and generative functors.

Home page, including downloading and documentation at:


N.B. I’m new to helping out with camlp5, so might have made some mistakes; any users who find problems should contact me either directly, or (better) thru issues on https://github.com/camlp5/camlp5/releases and I’ll be sure to get right on it.

N.B.#2: There are still lots of gaps between current Ocaml, and Camlp5’s support; I’m working on fixing that, and there’ll soon be a release that brings camlp5 as up-to-date as possible with Ocaml.


Great news!

Before I made a list of the packages that use camlp5 still - in case anyone wants to try them with a new version: