Status of UTF-8 support in shells

This is maybe not the best forum to ask but anyone knows about the status of UTF-8 support in shells and operating systems ?

That is, are there non totally obscure platforms where it is not supported out-of-the-box ?

I’m considering making slight esthetic changes in cmdliner error reporting. Namely using correct opening and closing quotes rather than use the US-ASCII era grave accent (U+0060) as a left quote – something I likely copied from the getopt library error messages.

At least Markus Kuhn seems to be prompting me to do so.


Not what you asked, but just confirming it works on cmd.exe (at least on recent versions of Windows):



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That’s exactly the kind of confirmation I’m asking for. Thanks !

All sorts of unicode stuff works in xterm (+ bash) on Ubuntu Linux. I cut-and-paste unicode filenames all the time.

Is there any chance some supported languages set by default their locale codeset to something different than UTF-8 ? (E.g. for Chinese, Japanese or Thai)