Static analysis in Flambda 2 - Talks at the Cambium Seminar

We are delighted to announce that there is a seminar in the Cambium team at Inria today at 11am CEST, Paris, related to Flambda 2.
The seminar is accessible online at seminaire-cambium

This talk follows our previous talk where we showed what motivated our work on Flambda 2 with Jane Street, and how we designed it to be maintainable, efficient, powerful, and extensible. We presented some concrete benefits of this design: new optimizations, but also the ability to easily integrate new language features.

All Cambium seminars are announced here: The Cambium seminar series

Description of today’s talk:

  • Title: Static analysis in Flambda 2
  • Date: Monday 28th of August, 11 am (Paris)
  • Speakers: Vincent Laviron, Pierre Chambart, OCamlPro
  • Abstract: Following our previous talk on Flambda 2, we will present the analysis used by Flambda 2. It is formalized as an abstract domain, and we will present its major characteristics and features: support for constant propagation and immutable block shapes, as well as relational properties such as aliases and projections, and support for higher-order values through closures and function summaries. We will show how it integrates with the rest of Flambda 2, and in particular how it allows us to optimize various concrete pieces of code.

Was the talk recorded, or at least the slides made available ?

Nevermind I found the slides through the last link.

The talk’s slides have been published on the Cambium seminar page.

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