SIP Stack implementation in OCaml

Only been learning OCaml for 2 months and have a project where I need to make SIP calls out and ensure they are answered to test some telecommunications systems. Is anyone aware of a SIP library for OCaml? Could probably use Cohttp it generate SIP message, but a whole client may be a bit advanced al this stage.

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Do you need to establish RTP (audio) communication or just test for accepted vs rejected call attempts? If you just need SIP to essentially ping, you might get away with a very simple request generator and response parser and direct UDP I/O (one packet out, wait for one response packet back, determine success/failure).

If you need full SIP support you might want to look into FFI to which is a battle-tested C library.


I will need to make a call, so will need interact with another SIP call processor (Cisco Call Manager in my case). Ideally I will want to test the audio path with a tone of some kind, but going to just make and terminate a call initially. Thanks for the response, I will investigate how difficult it will be to call the c code from OCaml.