Should the opam-format version follow the opam version?

Hello !

I am rediscovering OCaml and I have to admit I am blazed with how much the tooling ecosystem has improved over the last years, I am still seeing a few things that can be a bit weird to a newcomer.

I was very surprised to get the following error when I tried to generate a lock file for my project:
unsupported or missing file format version; should be 2.0 or older [skipped]

As I am running opam on 2.1.x I was surprised that it could not read something with opam-version: "2.1".

As far as I understand, the decision was made to keep opam and opam-format versions uncoupled. And I can see the benefits of that but are they really that big? (Specially since the field is called opam-version and not format-version or whatever).

That said, I am really seeing a user friendlier ecosystem as a whole compared to only a few years back and it’s really really nice :slight_smile: