Does anyone use the opam libraries with OCaml < 4.08?

Hi everyone,

At the last opam-dev meeting we were wondering if anyone is using any of the opam libraries – i.e.

  • opam-core
  • opam-format
  • opam-solver
  • opam-state
  • opam-repository
  • opam-client

with OCaml < 4.08.

We’re thinking of increasing the minimal requirement to OCaml >= 4.08 to simplify development, but we want to make sure there isn’t anyone in the wild that require that combination for future versions of opam (2.2.0 and up)

If you do, please comment in this post.
Have a good day,

<><><><> The opam team <><><><>


I have no objection to the above libraries requiring OCaml 4.08 onwards. The only related one where it might be useful to use older compilers is the more lightweight opam-file-format library, which wasn’t on your list.

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Indeed, there’s no plan at present to change opam-file-format’s constraints. The OpamCompat module in opam-core was needing upgrading all too frequently, thanks to all the nice additions to the standard library in recent years. We’re also “using” a lot of CI resource testing those libraries on older compilers which it will be very good to stop doing!