Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg L.P. in New York

Type of position - Full-time, candidate must be based around New York or willing to relocate. This is not a remote position.

Bloomberg Derivatives Engineering is looking for software engineers with 2 or more years of experience in OCaml, C++, Python, Javascript or Scala. No prior knowledge of finance is required.

Derivatives are complex financial instruments which pose interesting software engineering challenges, such as creating scalable distributed systems or writing optimized algorithms when dealing with large quantities of data.

A few recent OCaml projects include implementing The Elm Architecture in OCaml to create declarative GUIs, implementing a financial DSL built on top of OCaml and creating microservices that manage derivatives contracts.

In addition, we are actively growing the community and usage of OCaml within the company through general purpose projects, such as property based testing, and tooling for generating XML schemas from OCaml types. We have a monthly meetup and there are opportunities to attend or present at conferences. Please apply at (

Please feel free to reach out to me directly by email ( if you have any questions. Thank you!