Segfault Systems Joins Tarides

@kayceesrk and I are delighted to announce that Segfault Systems, a spinout from IIT-Madras, is joining Tarides. Tarides has worked closely with Segfault Systems over the last couple of years, most notably on the award-winning Multicore OCaml project and the upstreaming plans for OCaml 5.0. This alliance furthers the goals of Tarides, bringing the compiler and benchmarking expertise of the Segfault team directly into the Tarides organisation, where it can be commercially funded and supported.

All of Segfault Systems’ existing responsibilities and open-source commitments will migrate over to Tarides, where work will continue towards the three main objectives in 2022:

  • Releasing OCaml 5.0 with support for domains and effect handlers
  • Supporting the ecosystem to migrate the OCaml community over to OCaml 5.0
  • Improving developer productivity for OCaml 5.0 by releasing the best platform tools

This alliance will complement the commercial offerings of Tarides – already strengthened by the integration of OCaml Labs – and contribute to Tarides’ mission: empowering developers, communities, and organisations to adopt OCaml as their primary programming experience by providing training, expertise, and development services around the OCaml language.

Read the full announcement here, including details of our goals and the focus for 2022. This alliance brings the headcount of Tarides up to 60+ people, all working towards making OCaml the best language for any and every project. Join our team and reach out for commercial services at