Scirep, a utility for literate programming

Hi folks,

I wrote a utility called scirep to render a markdown file with OCaml code blocks as an HTML document, which provides some support for graphics. Here are some examples of generated documents: one based on vg, and another using owl-plplot.

It can also be used downstream of mdx as a markdown-to-html converter that detects pictures in the toplevel’s standard output and renders them in the final document.

It is really a hack, and it is poorly documented, but I’m advertising it in case it might be useful to others.


I wonder why so many literate programming tools are specific to some language and/or documentation processing format. It seems easy to build a text processing tool that would extract and reassemble code fragments written in any language from a documentation written in any text file, yet I couldn’t find such a tool wen I looked for one.
So eventually I build my own: GitHub - rixed/portia: ultimate literate programing preprocessor

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Well, Org-mode with Babel mode is such a tool.