Sample emacs plugin using ecaml?

Does anyone know of any sample emacs plugin using

Interesting! I had no idea this even existed! However, looking at the repository, there seems to be very little documentation. :frowning:

cc @Yaron_Minsky @lpw25 @let-def

Indeed, I am thinking if that could be used to develop a ocaml version of for ocaml code folding in emacs but It seems the code base is bit impenetrable now. Especially so since I am very new to emacs plugin development.

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There was at one point a sample project in the repository, under an earlier tagged version. I think it uses some of the Async features that were subsequently removed from Ecaml, but I believe the general idea remains the same. I might have a play around with it and see if I can get something working.

I put together a very small example to show how building can work. It does very little but should give a decent idea of how the general structure is: define some functions, then declare that you provide a certain package.

It currently only works with the version of Ecaml on opam (v0.9.0), and relies on the executable format being a valid shared object (seems to be true on macOS, and I think Linux (ELF) too).


Cool. I will check it out. Thanks.