Example workflow(s) for OCaml development with newly-made tools

It would be nice to give examples of development workflows with the new available tools (jenga, odig, odoc…). These kinds of examples are already present on the OCaml web site for older tools (Oasis, Ocamlbuild…) but not for the new one. In the Rust community, they have this apparently very nice Cargo tool that eases all usual tasks. So how do we achieve this nowadays in OCaml? The information is present in various docs (that of Jenga, of Topkg…) but I think a synthetic, example-driven view would be nice (as far as I’m concerned, I’m still using Ocamlbuild).


Agreed. We’re still working through some of the porting details (e.g. doc publication) with the new tools, but I’m keen to start such a guide as soon as possible and include it in Real World OCaml v2 as well.

For example, @samoht is currently making topkg+jbuilder work with a single topkg bistro to build, package and publish a new release online with documentation. https://github.com/diml/topkg-jbuilder/pull/3