Reproducible OPAM packages / MirageOS


we are pleased to announce reproducible binary images for MirageOS unikernels (see the blog post at Deploying binary MirageOS unikernels). The binaries are located at (all components are open source and linked from the page).

Additionally, the required tools to achieve reproducible builds are released as binary packages for various operating systems as well on the same site. They are used by the infrastructure to run daily builds (always with the HEAD of opam-repository to not loose any updates / new releases). The custom overlay robur/unikernel-repo - unikernel-repo - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea is used that adds some development packages.

Happy to hear your thoughts and feedback here. (Earlier post Reproducible builds with OCaml / opam and MirageOS)

This work was funded by the NGI Pointer project “Funding The Next Generation Ecosystem of Internet Architects”.