[ANN] opam-mirror: a MirageOS unikernel that provides an opam repository and cache

We at robur developed opam-mirror in the last month and run a public opam mirror at https://opam.robur.coop (updated hourly).

This was nice collaborative work with @reynir and @dinosaure, and we have an article Mirroring the opam repository and all tarballs and the source code robur/opam-mirror: A unikernel that acts as opam repository including archive mirror. - opam-mirror - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea

Enjoy reading, feedback welcome. :smiley:


I get a “resource not found error” when following opam.robur.coop

indeed, the / is not found, but when you use it as an opam-repository, it works (so https://opam.robur.coop/index.tar.gz and https://opam.robur.coop/repo both work, as well as the cache providing you tarballs). sorry that we don’t have the content for the web browser, but only the content for opam.

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