Https:// is 404ing, is this expected?

And if it is–is there a similar site hosting docs of common libraries in the ecosystem?

I think the deploy at has been broken for a little while, and noone’s gotten around to fixing it.

In the mean-time, the documentation for all (?) the mirage/ repositories is available at, although it’s not very well-indexed. E.g.


There is the odig best-effort sample (alternate themes listed here.

I tried to refresh it with a later version of the compiler recently but it seems the trick to install a maximum number of packages no longer works on the current state of the opam repository (that is tried with a solver time limit of 1-2 hours without success).

Thanks @CraigFe and @dbuenzli , it seems the best-effort sample has most of what I need, I’m just looking to manually point to a few doc pages from my own at