Remark on equal-sign

There is the equal-sign in a “let” context which assign a value to a name.
And there is the other equal-sign which takes two things of the same type and returns a bool.
I.e. some form of overloading ?
The lsp-server ocamllsp does not seem to know the difference, or am i wrong ?

The language server is not 100% perfect in all situations, but it’s pretty good. Checking the compiler output in combination with the LS hints is probably the best way to go. If you are regularly facing an issue with the LS you could file a ticket on their repo.

I believe this is tracked by Syntactic symbols are conflated with standard library functions in tooltips · Issue #654 · ocamllabs/vscode-ocaml-platform · GitHub.

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As i see the problem in kate editor , i suppose the problem is located in ocaml-lsp and not in the editor ?
I’ll enter an issue for ocaml-lsp

This is a known problem. It needs a fix in merlin, which is the backend of ocaml-lsp. That’s not an editor specific problem.