Question on `"ounit" {with-test}` in llvm's opam file

Hi, I found this dependency in the llvm’s opam file:

depends: [
  "ounit" {with-test}

However, there is no other test-related thing in the opam file.
I would like to confirm it’s not used. I am also interested to know where is the tests if I just failed to find them, or are they lost in the recent versions.

The background of this question may be not closely related to this question: I was mentioned in a llvm PR on ocamlfind and ounit2. It’s fixed but I am wondering does ounit is used at all.

The OCaml LLVM bindings live at llvm-project/llvm/bindings/ocaml at main · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub.

A quick grep seems to indicate that indeed oUnit is not actually used, so it should be safe to remove from the opam file.


Fine. That’s also my checking result.