Ppxlib by example?

I’m aware of ppxlib/examples at main · ocaml-ppx/ppxlib · GitHub but I’m looking for something with more than 2 examples.

My favorite resource for learning Rust was Introduction - Rust By Example where instead of reading the manual, one types in < 500 line examples for each language feature.

I am wondering if there is a similar resource for ppxlib, where instead of trying to digest the manual upfront, the resource provides lots of < 500 line example showcasing features of ppxlib.

I don’t know of something as comprehensive as what you would like. However I would recommend reading (and re-reading) this tutorial by @patricoferris . I’ve found it the most approachable and comprehensible introduction to the PPX ecosystem. If you read the official documentation afterwards have Patricks guide off to the side to refer back to.