Porting a OCaml3-based game to the latest version of OCaml

Hi all!

Guys, there is not a trivial task.

There is a game engine on OCaml + a game written on this game engine. This was all written about 10 years ago, on version Ocaml 3. Camplp4 was used as a preprocessor. And the compiler was patched to correctly generate ARM code for iOS.

The task is to port the engine and the game to the latest version of Ocaml which supports arm64 on all platforms by default.

We can make the engine Open Source - maybe it will help the Ocaml community to release more games in their favorite language for mobile platforms.

If anyone is interested in the task - feel free to contact me, and we will be glad to discuss the details! Of course, there will be a reward for successful completion of the task.



Great to know; can you please link us the name of the game engine and the name of the game?

The game itself is called The Big Farm Theory.
The engine in this thread is Lightning:

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