OCaml sources compilation for iOS/Android

I heard that it’s possible to compile OCaml code for iOS and Android platforms. In that article I’ve read about Eliom applications, but I decided not to invest my time in Eliom (it looks complex, I don’t like custom file extensions, like *.eliom, which alludes to some compilation hacks that may be hard to deal with), so my questions are:

1. Is it possible to compile for iOS/Android sources in plain old OCaml?
2. If so, how I can do this?

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It’s been a while, but you might want to check out the Reprocessing project and these blog posts. You don’t have to use Reason; bsb-native picks up OCaml source files as well.

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I managed to compile Qt/OCaml Android helloworld some time ago. If you want to stick with Qt I can help you repeat my experience.