OCaml on Android devices

Finally, I have a possible opportunity to use OCaml in production :slight_smile:

The project is an Android app on a custom ROM, the main function of this app is to gather some data, process it and display some nice charts.

Since I’m not familiar with Java, nor C++ (Android NDK), I’m now investigating OCaml as the project language.

I see that Eliom has support for Android devices, anyone has experience with it? I’m concerned in these areas:

  • Stability. The application will be run non-stop, can Eliom handle this? (Since it’s based websocket, I’m worried that the socket will gone dead over time)

  • Speed. The official Eliom website is pretty slow, though this maybe because I’m too far away from the server location. In my case, both the server and client will run on the same device.

  • Does it compiles to native code? Unfortunately I was born in a country where basically there is no copyright law, so code protection is a must.


Oh… I should get some free time to crosscompile some OCaml+Qt/QML helloworlds for android.