Outreachy Project Timeline

I am Somya Srivastava, an Outreachy applicant.

Since Project #1 applicants were instructed to solve issues on the ‘ocaml.org’ repository first, I have solved 3 issues on that repository, one of them being a medium-level issue but my choice of the project has always been Project #1 which has recently been updated to ‘Adding backend markdown to odoc’ from ‘Adding templating to the Documentation Generator’.
I’m reading and gathering information by myself and so far, I’ve understood what are the skills that I need to work upon.

However, since this is something entirely new, I don’t have an idea about what will be my approach because I don’t know what will be the tasks throughout the 3 months. I’m still understanding the example PR that was mentioned under Project description. So far, I am comfortable with OCaml and I am reading the odoc documentation and the dune documentation to understand the implementation.

I tried contacting the mentors but haven’t heard back yet.

Can anyone please help me out over here? I’m just left with 1 day for submitting final application. What should be the strategy or steps for this project?

I’ve always found this project appealing and I really want to work on this.

Hi @Somya_Srivastava,

Can you ping me an email with this information (my email should be on Outreachy somewhere) and I can help explain things. I don’t seem to have an email or discuss/discord message from you OR it’s been lost in the wave of messages, so apologies if that’s the case. Either way if you could email me I’d be more than happy to help.


I am mailing you right away! Than you so much! :’)