OUPS meetup october 2023

The next OUPS meetup will take place on Thursday, 5th of October 2023. It will start at 7pm at the 4 place Jussieu in Paris.

:warning: :trumpet: It will be in the in the Astier amphitheater in the Esclangon building. :trumpet: :warning:

Please, register on meetup as soon as possible to let us know how many pizza we should order.

For more details, you may check the OUPS’ website .

This month will feature the following talks :

Chamelon : un minimiseur de programmes pour et en OCaml – Milla Valnet

Chamelon est un outil développé dans la contexte du compilateur optimisant Flambda2 chez OCamlPro. Il permet, à partir d’un test provoquant une erreur dans la génération de code, de minimiser ce test pour obtenir un test minimaliste, sur lequel il est beaucoup plus facile de travailler. L’exposé présente les différentes techniques utilisées pour concevoir cet outil et les résultats obtenus.

Modern DSL compiler architecture in OCaml our experience with Catala – Louis Gesbert (@AltGr)

In this presentation, we intend to show a state-of-the-art DSL implementation in OCaml, with concrete examples and experience reports.
In particular, we found that some advanced practices, while accepted among the hardcore OCaml developers (e.g. use of row type variables through object types), lacked visibility and documentation: some of them deserve to be better known.
Our experience is based on the Catala compiler, a DSL for the implementation of algorithms defined in law.


Reminder: it’s this week, please register if it’s not done already. :slight_smile: