Orsetto: assorted structured data interchange languages



I have made available one of my personal side projects, Orsetto, for community review. My plan is for this library is for it to be an assortment of structured data interchange languages organized around a common foundation of various general purpose utilities. At the moment, only JSON is implemented, and I’m planning to implement CBOR next.

Much of the foundation layer in Orsetto originated in my now outdated Oni project. That project also included some experimental work in concurrent network I/O, which I’m hoping to revisit in the context of the algebraic effects feature in development on the OCaml multicore project. In the meantime, Orsetto is generally useful in OCaml 4.06.1 and later.

I haven’t posted a package on OPAM yet. I’m waiting for the OPAM 2.0 migration. If you’re interested in playing with it now, then you’ll need to be using OPAM 2.0, then clone the repository and install it with a pinned local source tree.