[OPAM] adding flags to `./configure`

Hello! I’m trying to manually install a develop switch with git clone and then opam switch create . --empty; opam install . but I have to add --disable-warn-error to configure so that the switch can be installed. Should I edit ~/.opam/config or add some environment variable? Sorry, I’m such a noob ;-(

I’m guessing you are trying to work on the ocaml compiler. Is that correct?

This is not something that I have done myself. So this might be wrong. But I remember that the HACKING document in the ocaml repo mentioned dealing with opam and configure flags: ocaml/HACKING.adoc at trunk · ocaml/ocaml · GitHub

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I echo @Khady in suggesting looking at the HACKING document – I followed its instructions and they worked flawlessly. But also, if all you want is to add some args to the configure script, just edit it and put a few lines in at the top, eh?

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