Opam broken: simple way to install ocaml needed

What’s up with opam?

~/felix>opam --version
~/felix>opam switch create 4.11.1
opam: Invalid switch subcommand "create"
Usage: opam switch [OPTION]... [COMMAND] [ARG]...
Try `opam switch --help' or `opam --help' for more information.

This is the correct command according to the documentation. The whole system is so badly broken. I cannot upgrade my compiler, 4.07 is the latest listed and the list will not update.

I’m using MacOS BigSur. Brew is also useless.
Is there an old fashioned way to remove all this crud and just build ocaml from source? Where do I find the latest stable version?


You’re on an old version of opam. Upgrade to the latest version, 2.0.7. Instructions are at opam - Install

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Or try this one: