On the Whereabouts of the OCamlPro 404 Camel

A while back, @zapashcanon introduced the goofy, and frankly quite endearing camel of @OcamlPro 's 404 page. In the meantime the camel seems to have disappeared, though—banished to the harsh and unforgiving desert of an nginx misconfiguration, perhaps.

Does anyone know where the camel has wandered to, or perhaps why she has gone into hiding?

I’m sorry if this is off-topic, but I do really miss this particular gem :wink:


Sadly, it’s been broken while making unrelated changes to the website. I just notified the culprit but I can’t tell if it’s going to be fixed anytime soon.

Meanwhile you can have a look at a more recent piece of art.


A sad state of affairs really :cry:
I’ll share the secret that it can still be found at Oops | OCamlPro


Looks like the camel has been found safe and sound! Thanks for your help in tracking her down :>

I just notified the culprit

I would certainly love to see the weird camel back on ocamlpro.org; it’s always been a fun easter egg to point our students to :camel:

For now, it looks like she’s also made her way into the internet archive :wink:

Thanks for the friendly introduction to the forum :>