OCaml Stickers via 🐌

I just got some 500 :camel: stickers today.


I’ll mail an envelope with 15 each to first 15 postal addresses in Europe :eu: that reach me via email at contact@mro.name (:lock_with_ink_pen: https://mro.name/~me/1E237763.asc).


Oh wow! I just ordered some–was easy!

https://stickerapp.com/custom-stickers/ using logo https://ocaml.org/img/OCaml_Sticker.svg


Nice. Not sure if anyone has noticed this but the β€œcamel” head in the logo on smaller sizes look like a bird’s beak. :face_with_monocle: :slight_smile:

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the first batch is underway, but there’s still more if you like.

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Hi @yawaramin, that’s exactly what I used and gave in print. The next time, however, I will add a printing-margin so as there’s a little bit more orange above the head and white below the letters.


maybe interesting for stickers junkies : https://stickeroperation.center/2020/10/26/c3-sticker-exchange/

But be quick!

due to continued success I expand to sending to all the world :earth_africa:.


lol, Daniel Stenberg (the curl guy) does similar, but a bit more streamlined: Giving away an insane amount of curl stickers | daniel.haxx.se

I’ll do a web-form over the weekend, too.

Update: here we go, css may improve: https://mro.name/2021/ocaml-stickers


Thank you very much!

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Thanks, I got my stickers! They’re very nice.

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thank you for the stickers!

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Thank you for the stickers. Will be used next time I run Ocaml course.

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