Ocurrent/opam Docker images have moved to ocaml/opam

The docker base image builder has been reconfigured to push the images to the ocaml/opam repository on Docker Hub.

If you were previously using the ocurrent/opam repository, you should update to the new location. The ocurrent/opam repository will not get any further updates.

The images provide many combinations of distribution, OCaml version, architecture and flags. e.g. to get an environment with OCaml 4.11 installed on Debian 10:

docker run --rm -it ocaml/opam:debian-10-ocaml-4.11

Or to try the 4.12 pre-release, compiled with AFL fuzzing support, you’d use ocaml/opam:debian-10-ocaml-4.12-afl.

(the full set of builds can be seen at the service’s page at https://base-images.ocamllabs.io/)


I recently looked at ocaml/opam:debian-10-ocaml-4.09 and noticed that in the root of the image the Dockerfiles were included that generated the image. I’m not sure that was always the case but found that helpful.

Yes, that’s very useful indeed when figuring out the provenance of the image. The Dockerfile has been there in all the autogenerated OCaml images since Nov 2018 in response to a suggestion.

https://github.com/ocaml/obi/commit/79b5f50a090da5ebb4c5866da8d11cab97329e82 (this is the link to the old ocaml/opam2 generator – the new one that is pushing to ocaml/opam is at https://github.com/ocurrent/docker-base-images)