OCaml and opam container images updated: new Fedora/Alpine/Ubuntu images

The Docker ocaml and opam container images have been updated:

  • Alpine 3.11, Fedora 31 and Ubuntu 20.04 (beta) are now included.
  • Ubuntu 19.04 and Fedora 29 and 30 are now deprecated.
  • OCaml 4.09.1 and 4.11.0~dev have been refreshed.

You can find the full details of the container images available on the OCaml infrastructure wiki.

The containers are generated from a set of scripts using ocaml-dockerfile, and will be migrating over the next six months to use an ocurrent-based infrastructure. There will be an announcement on this forum about any user-facing changes that involves, with plenty of time to transition your own CIs over. Thanks go to @talex5 and @XVilka for contributions to this round of updates.