OCamlPro talks at ICFP 2023 on Flambda2, Wasocaml, and a lookback on Opam

Dear OCaml Users and Contributors,

The end of summer vacations are a nice opportunity to look back and celebrate, especially as the ICFP 2023 is unfolding and the much-anticipated OCaml Workshop 2023 is about to be held. Do not hesitate to check out our talks on the optimizing compiler flambda2 and our works on wasocaml in both the OCaml and ML workshops.

Another crucial achievement we have too rarely celebrated in the past 11 years at OCamlPro is that of the design, on-going development and maintenance of opam, the official OCaml Package Manager, on which the opam-repository relies.

Developed at OCamlPro with the support of Jane Street, it stems from early design discussions at Inria with Roberto Di Cosmo, Fabrice and Thomas, and the vision of Yaron Minsky and Anil to initiate a roadmap aiming at consolidating and expanding the OCaml Ecosystem. Like many technical endeavours, it started as conversation topics, and later became a corner stone of the ecosystem.

Congratulations to the Opam dev team, who put in an enormous amount of hard work and dedication. Acknowledgments in particular to Raja and Louis, as well as David and Kate, namely today’s Opam dev team!
We are happy to see how the early impulse, more than 10 years back, unfolds to serve today’s OCaml thriving community. We are now proud to see that our brick allowed a powerful foundation for the greater OCaml Platform.

Thank you all for the continuous support!