OCaml and OPAM awarded The Open Science Award for Free and Open-Source Research Softwares

Greetings to all our fellow Cameleers!

In case you missed it: two days ago, the OCaml Community, specifically, was commended by the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (French Ministry of Higher Education and Research) in the context of their annual Prix Science Ouverte du Logiciel Libre de la Recherche (The Open Science Awards of Free and Open-Source Research Software).

Let’s appreciate this moment for what it is: an acknowledgement of the gargantuan amounts of work that have been poured into OCaml for the past 27 years, and an opportunity for celebration and praise!
We are so proud and happy to be part of this strong and dynamic community!

OCaml is a functional programming language that embeds imperative and object-oriented constructs. Its design is centred around strong static typing, automatic type inference, and program modularity. Its applications span from the high-end academic research to various industrial domains. Among other things, OCaml is comprised of two compilers and an execution environment. It evolves inside a vast ecosystem centred around the package manager opam. The language has maintained its course since 1996 while maintaining the perenniality of the programs running on it.