OCamldebug support for printers linking to routines in DLLs? (Windows)

I’m getting this failure when I do a “load_printer kernel.cma” in ocamldebug on Windows. kernel.cma has a dependency on C code such as coq_push_ra that’s in a DLL. The ocamldebug-coq script includes the relevant directories as command line arguments (-I <dirname>). I also tried adding the DLL directory to my path.

Does anyone know if DLLs are supported for load_printer? Any idea what I need to do? ocamldebug is much less useful without printers…

$ dev/ocamldebug-coq bin/coqtop.byte.exe
        OCaml Debugger version 4.04.2

(ocd) source dev/db
File C:/OCaml64/home/Jim/.opam/4.04.2+mingw64c/lib/camlp5\gramlib.cma loaded
File C:/OCaml64/home/Jim/.opam/4.04.2+mingw64c/lib/ocaml\threads\threads.cma loaded
File C:/OCaml64/home/Jim/.opam/4.04.2+mingw64c/lib/ocaml\str.cma loaded
File C:\Users\Jim.DESKTOP-MMPNVGH\Documents\coqSource\coq/lib\clib.cma loaded
File C:\Users\Jim.DESKTOP-MMPNVGH\Documents\coqSource\coq/lib\lib.cma loaded
File C:/OCaml64/home/Jim/.opam/4.04.2+mingw64c/lib/ocaml\dynlink.cma loaded
Error during code loading: error while linking C:\Users\Jim.DESKTOP-MMPNVGH\Documents\coqSource\coq/kernel\kernel.cma.
The external function `coq_push_ra' is not available