Install a printer in ocamldebug

I’m pretty sure I use to do something like the following, some years ago.
Is it a regression, or did I do something bad?
(working from Debian on WSL2).

	OCaml Debugger version 5.0.0

(ocd) break @ Conf 2025
Loading program... done.
Breakpoint 1 at 3:1260420: file lib/, line 2025, characters 26-38
(ocd) load_printer gg.cma
File gg.cma loaded
(ocd) install_printer Gg.V3.pp
Unbound identifier Topdirs.printer_type_new

You are missing the compiler-libs directory in the ocamldebug include path.

However, the better fix is to switch to OCaml 5.1.1 which removed the dependency on the Topdirs module for printers.

(There are nearly no reason to hold on old OCaml 5 releases right now: while all OCaml 5 releases are experimental, the latest release is the stablest .)

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I thank you for the explanation, and not one, but two solutions.