OCaml Workshop 2020: Call for Volunteers

The OCaml Workshop will be held in the virtual format this year, which poses new challenges and requires people with special talents and training. The Organizing Committee is seeking for members who will volunteer to fill one (or more) of the following roles:

  1. AV Editor
  2. Session Host
  3. Transcribers/Interpreter
  4. Content Manager
  5. Accessibility Chair

The roles are described in details below. We are asking prospective Organizing Committee members to contact the Organizing Committee chair (ivg@ieee.org), indicating which role(s) they are ready to take.

AV Editor

AV (Audio/Video) editors are responsible for previewing the presentations and providing help and feedback to the authors. Ideally we target for one editor per talk.


  • Preview and (if necessary) post-process or (ask the author to shoot again) the pre-recorded videos.
  • Advise authors and help in choice of software and hardware, teach how to set up the camera, light, make sure that the audio is of good quality and, in general, channel our quality guidelines.
  • Ensure that all videos are of the same quality, the audio levels are the same, and that everything is loud and clear.

Session Hosts

Session hosts will assist session chairs in streaming the pre-recorded videos as well as helping and moderating the Q&A sessions and the panel session. They will also be responsible for security and be ready to react to potential threats and wrongdoers. Since we will broadcast sessions in several time zones we need several hosts for each session.


  • Moderating the text chats
  • Controlling microphones in the video-conferencing
  • Watching for the time
  • Performing sound checks
  • Welcoming and otherwise guiding participants

Transcribers / Interpreters

We would like to have at least English transcriptions for each talk and translations to other languages are very welcome. Transcriptions enable accessibility as well as potentially increase the audience and publicity as they could be indexed by the search engines.


  • Create transcriptions for videos, potentially in other languages.

Content Manager

The content manager will be responsible for maintaining the web presence of the conference on https://ocaml.org/. We plan to have all videos available, as well as maintain a page for each submitted work.

Accessibility Chair

We are striving to make the conference accessible to everyone and we are looking for volunteers who have experience in online accessibility.


  • Helping with the selection of accessible platforms and tools.
  • Working with attendees to ensure the necessary access services are included.
  • Establishing best practices for preparing and running accessible sessions.

To motivate the volunteers, you could create an event T-shirt.
I propose the following catch phrase for the T-shirt:
“Camel riders move faster than snake charmers”. :smiley:
Then, you also need to find as cool logos.