OCaml Stickers via 🐌

I just got some 500 :camel: stickers today.


I’ll mail an envelope with 15 each to first 15 postal addresses in Europe :eu: that reach me via email at contact@mro.name (:lock_with_ink_pen: https://mro.name/~me/1E237763.asc).


Oh wow! I just ordered some–was easy!

https://stickerapp.com/custom-stickers/ using logo https://ocaml.org/img/OCaml_Sticker.svg


Nice. Not sure if anyone has noticed this but the β€œcamel” head in the logo on smaller sizes look like a bird’s beak. :face_with_monocle: :slight_smile:

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the first batch is underway, but there’s still more if you like.

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Hi @yawaramin, that’s exactly what I used and gave in print. The next time, however, I will add a printing-margin so as there’s a little bit more orange above the head and white below the letters.


maybe interesting for stickers junkies : https://stickeroperation.center/2020/10/26/c3-sticker-exchange/

But be quick!

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due to continued success I expand to sending to all the world :earth_africa:.


lol, Daniel Stenberg (the curl guy) does similar, but a bit more streamlined: Giving away an insane amount of curl stickers | daniel.haxx.se

I’ll do a web-form over the weekend, too.

Update: here we go, css may improve: https://mro.name/2021/ocaml-stickers


Thank you very much!

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Thanks, I got my stickers! They’re very nice.

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thank you for the stickers!

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Thank you for the stickers. Will be used next time I run Ocaml course.

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Thanks you very much for the stickers!

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Thank you for the stickers, they look great!

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Either I’ve misplaced the stickers or I’ve run out - in any case, I’m having new ones printed and have them at the beginning of November and will continue sending them out.


the new batch arrived today, sending out continues tomorrow.


superseded by the simpler ordering in the description at OCaml Stickers via 🐌 (2022)