OCaml meetup in SF on 2/12

Hey all! We’re hosting an OCaml/ReasonML meetup in SF tomorrow night (2/12) at 6:30PM. We’ll have food, drinks, and some really interesting talks:

  • Shallow Dive into the Philosophy of Reprocessing by Avery Morin. How Reprocessing tries to stay approachable to enable anyone to do creative work in ReasonML.
  • A conversation about ReasonML in production (and side projects) between a junior and senior engineer
    Yuki Li and Sean Grove will debate the pros/cons of using ReasonML in large production systems, whether ReasonML has a place in side projects and prototypes, and how junior developers will be helped and hurt by the language and its ecosystem.

We’ll also have plenty of time to chat, eat, and hang out. People of all backgrounds / skill levels are welcome, please just RSVP below so we know how much food to get!


This sounds great, I’ll be there!