OCaml Labs Joins Tarides

Gemma Gordon (@gemmag) and I are delighted to announce that OCaml Labs, a spinout from the University of Cambridge, is joining Tarides. After successfully collaborating on many OCaml projects over the last four years, this alliance will formally combine the expertise of both groups. Joining forces will accelerate OCaml development and its broader adoption, and enable us to continue with our shared goal of bringing OCaml into mainstream use. Furthermore, it will bring the security, portability and performance of OCaml to a large spectrum of use-cases: from academic endeavours such as formal methods and existing threats within cyber security, to real-world applications for climate change, sustainable agriculture, and even space exploration!

All of OCaml Labs’ existing responsibilities and open source commitments will migrate over to Tarides, and thanks to how closely the teams already work, business will continue without interruption to continuity or delivery. Gemma Gordon will step up as CEO of Tarides, and I will lead the technological vision and strategy as CTO.

The OCaml 5.0 release will support multicore and effects handlers, influencing every aspect of the language and its ecosystem. The update will significantly improve both performance and user experience, whilst maintaining existing features that the community loves. Using the teams’ combined experience and zest for innovation, Tarides is looking to the future of the OCaml language and community with excitement. Since Tarides’ inception we have envisioned a future where all OCaml applications are easily deployable as specialised, secure and energy-efficient MirageOS unikernels. We believe that this alliance is a step further in that direction.

This alliance will complement the commercial offerings of Tarides and contribute to Tarides’ mission: empowering developers, communities and organisations to adopt OCaml as their primary programming experience by providing training, expertise and development services around the OCaml language.

Read the full announcement here, including details of our goals and the focus for 2022. This alliance brings the headcount of Tarides up to 60+ people, all working towards making OCaml the best language for any, and every project. Join our team and reach out for commercial services at: https://tarides.com/


Congratulations @gemmag on the CEO position! This alliance is such exciting news!


Congratulations to both the teams at Tarides and OCaml Labs. Unlike most mergers I hear about, this one makes a great deal of sense, and as a user of OCaml I’m looking forward to the company doing great things in the future.