Ocal 0.2.0 released, plus jbuilder/topkg blog posts

All; At Anil’s suggestion I’m announcing the release of Ocal 0.2.0; from the README:

A replacement for the standard Unix `cal` utility. Partly because I could,
partly because I'd become too irritated with its command line interface.

The CHANGES for this version indicate:

  • Update pkg/pkg.ml to not build docs during topkg publish
  • Use notty for layout
  • Add option to display week-of-year
  • Set timezone to be Local rather than UTC

During the process of this update, I also switched over from Oasis to use jbuilder and topkg, and blogged about what I had to do here with a short addendum concerning what to do when Cameleus rejects your PR to opam-repository here.

(If this post seems a bit link-light, sorry-- apparently as a new user I can only put two links in a post…)


The code for Ocal is on GitHub.